Policy Work


The PCF has previously worked with the National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network (ChiMat), which is part of Public Health England, to develop and update the Continence Needs Assessment Tool.  This tool provided evidence-based data to support the commissioning of local paediatric continence services.

As a result of input by the PCF, the October 2015 update of the Continence Needs Assessment included measurement of the rates of unplanned hospitalisation for children with constipation (impaction), rates for urinary tract infections, and non-invasive urodynamics on both a local authority and clinical commissioning group area basis in England. ChiMat also uploaded the PCF data from its 2014 survey of paediatric continence services, providing a comparative benchmark for CCGs and local authorities.

ChiMat has since conducted a review of its database sites as part of the transition to hosting information on Public Health England’s Fingertips tool. We very much hope that the Continence Needs Assessment will not be lost as a result of this review, and continue to work with Public Health England to support the future of this tool.

Consultation and inquiry submissions

Below are copies of consultation responses and Select Committee submissions to which the PCF has contributed: